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The Amazing Race - Season 17 Episode 4

The nine teams travel from the suffocating heat of Dodowa, Ghana to the shivering Arctic cold on the border of Sweden and Norway.

Episode: 4/12 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2001

IMDb: 7.6

Season 17 - The Amazing Race
"Eleven teams of 2 travel from Gloucester, Massachusetts to Eastnor, Great Britain. The first team to check in at the Pit Stop wins an Express Pass, which allows them to skip one task of their choice at any point in the next seven legs of the race."
"One team considers using their precious Express Pass after playful Ghanaian locals give some teams a headache while they struggle to complete the high-stakes roadblock."
"The nine remaining teams stay in Ghana as they travel from Accra to Dodowa. The sweltering African heat pushes one person into a medical emergency that threatens their team's position in the race."
"The nine teams travel from the suffocating heat of Dodowa, Ghana to the shivering Arctic cold on the border of Sweden and Norway."
"The eight remaining teams travel from the Sweden\/Norway border to Norvik, Norway. A Norwegian delicacy forces a vegetarian to make a difficult decision at the Fast Forward. At the Road Block, several people have to face their fear of heights."
"The seven remaining teams travel from Norvik, Norway to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they experience a variety of aspects of the local culture, including a choice of classical film or classical music at the Detour, and manual labour for one person at the Road Block."
"The seven teams stay in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they join the circus. Some teams find the leg to be anything but fun and games when they misread an important clue."
"Following a huge mistake, one Racer makes an important decision that will impact their team beyond the finish line and for the rest of their lives."
"The five remaining teams travel from Muscat, Oman to Dhaka, Bangladesh. In a first for the series, tensions run high at a double U-turn when two teams' chances of staying in the race are jeopardised by them having to complete both of the Detour choices."
"The four remaining teams travel from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Hong Kong, China. Some people struggle to stay in the race when they become violently ill."
"The four teams travel from Hong Kong, China to Seoul, South Korea, where they have to complete tasks on water and ice in their battle for a place in the final three."
"The final three teams travel from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, California, where they soar to new heights at Long Beach. The first team to finish wins the US$1 million prize."
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