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Hell's Kitchen - Season 8 Episode 14

The chefs must create fusion dishes by mixing cuisines from two different countries. The winner has a dinner date with Chef Ramsay and their family while the losers participate in "moving day," clean the dorms and prep for the evening's dinner service.

Episode: 14/15 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 8 - Hell's Kitchen
"The contestants present their signature dishes to Ramsay while the winning team received foot massages and the losing team cleaned both kitchens."
"Contestants from both teams were divided into pairs and for the Attention to Detail challenge each pair had replicate five salmon cucumber avocado rolls and four pieces of tuna nigiri first demonstrated by sushi chef Masaharu Morimoto. For dinner service Ramsey chose Vinny and Jillian as assistant ma\u00c3\u00aetre d's."
"For the team challenge: The teams cooked breakfast for fifty paramedics and the winning team were sent to trapeze school and had lunch with Ramsay. The losing team had to clean both kitchens and polish stemware."
"The chefs created their own ravioli including pasta, filling and sauce. After judging by Ramsay, the winning team took a helicopter trip to a coastal resort to play golf, and the losing team cleaned the kitchens and milked cows."
"Chefs created a menu of an appetizer and two main dishes for a high school prom. The winning team went to an amusement park, while the losing team cleaned the kitchens and helped the prom committee put up decorations."
"For the team challenge, The chefs prepared entree salads. The winning team went to Getty Villa for lunch while the losing team ate a flower salad with bugs for lunch."
"With tension building between the contestants as the competition heats up, Chef Ramsay tests the chefs imagination and creativity as well as their ability to work together. In the first challenge, the teams are asked to create one cohesive dish using five randomly selected ingredients. The team that prepares the most harmonious dish will jet off to Las Vegas as a reward, while the losers will be forced to wash, peel and cut more than 1,000 potatoes. After a sloppy start, dinner service takes an unexpected turn of events. Later, Ramsay challenges the teams to shop on a..."
"The blue team lost the team challenge and dinner service, the celebrated their victory in Las Vegas. and complete dinner service."
"For the team challenge, The teams endured the blind taste test. The winning team went on a $2000 shopping spree and ate at XIV, a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Michael Mina and the losing team removed recyclables from a garbage truck."
"After a nail-biting 100th dinner service, Chef Ramsay surprises the contestants by announcing that the battle of the sexes is returning to the competition. Chef Ramsay pits the women's team against the men's team in a blind taste-test challenge with the winning team earning a shopping spree and a fine dining experience at Chef Michael Mina's famed restaurant, XIV, and the losing team taking on the less glamorous task of sorting through trash. Later, concerned with the lack of teamwork at this point in the competition, Chef Ramsay challenges the teams to compete in a ..."
"With only six chefs remaining in the competition, Chef Ramsay raises the stakes and asks the contestants to create a single bite that makes a bold first impression. For the amuse-bouche challenge, Chef Ramsay invites Michelin-starred chefs from some of Los Angeles' most critically acclaimed restaurants to judge the contestants, with the winner getting a taste of the sweet life at LA Market at the JW Marriott Hotel. Later, dinner service disappoints as the teams show a lack of cooperation, leaving hungry diners dissatisfied with their meals."
"For lunch, the remaining five contestants cooked eighty portions for the clientele of L.A. Market from a food truck. After sampling each dish they would vote on the dishes from best to worst."
"Only four chefs remain, and the pressure is on for each contestant to prove to Chef Ramsay that he or she has the chops to move forward in the competition. In a challenge designed to test the chefs' ability to identify key ingredients and rely on their palate, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to recreate a brilliant dish using only sight, smell and taste. The chef who most accurately replicates the dish and displays a keen ability to discern flavors earns a relaxing day at the spa. For the rest of the contestants, it's laundry day at HELL'S KITCHEN, and they are left ..."
"The chefs must create fusion dishes by mixing cuisines from two different countries. The winner has a dinner date with Chef Ramsay and their family while the losers participate in \"moving day,\" clean the dorms and prep for the evening's dinner service."
"Russell and Nona prepare for their final dinner service where one of them will win an annual salary of $250,000 as the head chef position at the L.A. Market restaurant at the JW Marriott Hotel at L.A. Live in Los Angeles."
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