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Hell's Kitchen - Season 6 Episode 11

Whistler while you work and two teams become one.

Episode: 11/15 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 6 - Hell's Kitchen
"Sixteen amateur chefs present their signature dishes to Chef Ramsey. The blue team won the team challenge and were declared the wining team for dinner service."
"Sixteen aspiring chefs face off against Chef Gordon Ramsay."
"It's an all-new \"Hell's Kitchen\" fire drill."
"An all-new \"Hell's Kitchen\" rolls out the red carpet."
"It's an all-new \"Hell's Kitchen\" homecoming"
"For their challenge, the two teams are asked to created a three course meal using only 700 calories. While one team struggles, one chef uses their prior knowledge in the area to lead their team to victory. The winning team is treated to a volleyball lesson on the beach with Olympic athlete Annett Davis, while the losing team is forced to prep both kitchens. During dinner service, one chef argues with Chef Ramsay and another is sent to the emergency room."
"The chefs roll the dice."
"The chefs are in the dark."
"Parlez-vous francais."
"Whistler while you work and two teams become one."
"Whistler while you work and two teams become one."
"It's all about the look."
"It's child's play."
"The final three chefs battle for the grand prize."
"The final two chefs battle for the grand prize: the head chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia."
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