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Hell's Kitchen - Season 4 Episode 8

The chefs cook four dishes in 45 minutes, and can only use all 20 ingredients once. The wining team attends a photo shoot n Touch Weekly magazine, the losing team spent the day doing laundry.

Episode: 8/15 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 4 - Hell's Kitchen
"The chefs present Ramsay their signature dishes, the teams were each told to choose a team captain, and the winner for this season will be the executive chef at Ramsay's restaurant in LA, the London West Hollywood."
"For the team challenge, the contestants had to filet halibut into 6 equal size pieces with the least amount of waste. The winning team spent the day on a yacht while the losing team prepared seafood for service."
"When Christina bursts in to tears and screams at Corey for nominating her. Will she get revenge on her after a horrendous dinner service which gets everyone thrown out the kitchen where she and Petrozza are considered by Ramsay the best of their terrible teams & get to choose who deserves to go?"
"For their team challenge The chefs had to make perfect strands of pasta and the team with the heaviest weight of pasta wins. The winning team spent the day at amusement park, while the losing team prepared the next dinner service for both teams."
"For their team challenge the chefs are required to make a gourmet pizza. The winning team is treated to a helicopter ride to the Square One restaurant and the losing team to prep both kitchens for the next dinner service."
"The chefs cook a meal for a girl's Sweet 16 party, the team with the most chosen dishes wins. The winning team spends the day go kart racing and the losing team decorated the dining room for her party."
"The chefs test their palates in a blind taste test. The winning team spends the day at a spa while the losing team cleansthe kitchen and the dorms."
"The chefs cook four dishes in 45 minutes, and can only use all 20 ingredients once. The wining team attends a photo shoot n Touch Weekly magazine, the losing team spent the day doing laundry."
"For the team challenge, the contestants had to make eight exact cuts of a chicken without leaving portions of other body parts. The winning team went to Saddle Ranch Chop House for lunch. The losing team picked peppers from a country field."
"When the final 6 become merged in to one team. Tension rises between Matt and Christina during a punishment where they (along side Bobby and Petrozza) have to take in deliveries and Christina's bossy attitude literally makes Matt go insane."
"Chef Ramsay challenges the chefs to teach cooking-impaired housewives how to create a gourmet meal. While the losers are forced to clean the kitchen, the winner is treated to a one-on-one course with two world-renowned chefs: Mark Peele and Ben Ford. The remaining five chefs then face a hectic night as they struggle to balance a dozen appetizers, entrees and desserts. Who will be the newest drop-out?"
"The final four contestants prepare a specialty lunch for some surprise guests Chef Ramsay has invited to Hell's Kitchen. When the doors open, 80 very hungry, very picky and very pregnant moms-to-be walk through the door! The ladies choose the best dish and send the winner on a $1000 shopping spree. The remaining chefs are forced to stay behind and clean up after the luncheon. During dinner service tempers flare and tension is high, and one contestant gets careless and burns Chef Ramsay's hand, which sends Ramsay over the edge."
"Chef Ramsay prepares breakfast for the three remaining chefs - and a few guests - then asks the contestants to replicate the dishes that they ate. Later, Ramsay sabotages the dinner service to see how they react to adversity."
"The two finalists visit Chef Ramsay's New York City restaurant, where they must prepare their signature dishes for judges consisting of executive chefs for Ramsay's restaurants around the world. Back in L.A., the contestants begin their final challenge: design and run their own restaurants. Whoopi Goldberg makes a guest appearance."
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