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Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 15

Three finalists must cook and perfect their menus; two advance to the finale. The remaining chefs pick from the season's past contestants to help in the final dinner service; the winner is announced.

Episode: 15/15 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 17 - Hell's Kitchen
"Chef Ramsey invites 16 All-Stars back for a second chance at proving they have what it takes."
"The contestants are required to make bar menu meals in forty minutes, sous-chefs Christina and James \"Jocky\" assist Ramsay in the judging, and the contestant who makes the best meal is safe from elimination."
"For the team challenge, the teams replicated a 4 tiered seafood platter, the winning team enjoyed a seafood lunch and a soccer game with soccer Olympians, the losing team prepped over 100 pounds of seafood for both teams for the dinner service."
"The remaining chefs must face off in a \"game of chance\" to divvy up their ingredients and create their own unique dishes. During this challenge, each chef has 45 minutes to create a dish, combining a protein of their choice with all the ingredients selected from the game of chance. After Chef Ramsay judges each dish, the winners are chosen and rewarded with a private jet whisking them away for an exclusive stay at the Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA. During dinner service, the contestants are determined to impress Chef Ramsay and the VIP Guests: Mixed martial ..."
"After a shocking change, many are left unhappy and the tension in the dorms is at an all-time high. The next day, the chefs are challenged to work in pairs and cook different types of fish on cedar and hickory wood planks. Special guest judge Chef Ben Ford helps Chef Ramsay decide which team delivered the best and most consistent dishes. Later that evening during dinner service, the chefs aim to impress special guest diner actor Shaun Brown. Chef Ramsay has had enough with one contestant and makes a drastic decision."
"The remaining chefs meet at DeSano Pizzeria and learn about their next challenge, for which they will be given 30 minutes to create a pizza inspired by their assigned country. Marino, the owner of the pizzeria and HELL'S KITCHEN'S Ma\u00c3\u00aetre D', joins Chef Ramsay and special guest judge Steve Samson, to determine the winning team. Later during dinner service, actress Melissa Fumero and Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor join as special guests, and while both teams struggle, one just can't keep up."
"Chef Ramsay decides to give the 12 remaining contestants a tutorial on how to best prepare six of the most popular HELL'S KITCHEN dishes. Following the lesson, Ramsay informs them of their next challenge - each team will have 25 minutes to recreate all six dishes. But what the contestants don't know is that every three minutes, each team will have to select one chef to kick out of the kitchen, thus leaving more work for the remaining chefs and intensifying the \"Last Man Standing\" challenge. Later, the contestants receive a big surprise when they find out that in lieu ..."
"The contestants must create a dish using exotic meats that were eaten by early humans."
"The remaining contestants compete in a special challenge involving sea creatures."
"The remaining contestants must prepare a five-course meal for a private charity event."
"The All-Stars are given $20 to buy ingredients for restaurant-quality pasta dishes."
"The All-Stars face three difficult challenges for the coveted black jacket."
"The chefs must instruct athletes Candace Parker, Jordyn Wieber, Ricky Williams, Shawne Merriman, and Reggie Miller to make their signature dishes using only verbal instructions; the contestants cook in one kitchen during dinner service."
"Families of the four remaining chefs visit; chefs must base a dish on a secret ingredient hidden in a gift chosen by them; the family members anonymously vote on the dishes; a dinner service and an elimination."
"Three finalists must cook and perfect their menus; two advance to the finale. The remaining chefs pick from the season's past contestants to help in the final dinner service; the winner is announced."
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