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Hell's Kitchen - Season 14 Episode 12

In a unique test designed by Chef Ramsay, the remaining seven contestants must sift through piles of keys to find which ones will open lockers holding various cuts of steaks and prepare a premiere dish - all under 35 minutes!

Episode: 12/16 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 14 - Hell's Kitchen
"Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the latest batch of 18 contestants into the kitchen. The contestants jump right in to the challenge, after Chef Ramsay splits the chefs into two teams: men (blue) vs. women (red) and asks them to present their signature dishes in front of a live audience. The winning team will earn a star-studded night with William Shatner, while the losing team prepares the dining room for the first dinner service. Later, during their first dinner service, the contestants struggle to work together, with Chef Ramsay ultimately kicking one team out of the ..."
"After a difficult opening dinner service, the remaining contestants face their next team challenge, where each team must successfully retrieve crabs from the ocean and then create crab cake dishes. The team that first completes 10 crab cakes dishes will win an exclusive trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, for a horseback riding tour and VIP dinner, while the losing team prepares the seafood for the next dinner service. Then, the dinner service begins and one team will continue to struggle with the seafood, leading Chef Ramsay to once again kick out a team from the kitchen in..."
"It's a seafood battle as the men and women dive in to their team challenge, where they have to successfully match the heads and tails of some of the most popular fish for a special surprise advantage in the kitchen. The team that presents the most impressive dishes to Chef Ramsay and special guest judge, Michael Cimarusti, Chef and Partner of Connie and Ted's restaurant in Los Angeles, will win a day of surf and sun in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA. The losing team will be back at the kitchen cleaning, hauling and gutting the next seafood delivery. Then, the dinner ..."
"After one of the worst dinner services in HELL'S KITCHEN history, it's no longer fun and games for the Top 15 contestants. The red and blue teams suit up for an old-fashioned, all-American challenge, complete with football and traditional American dishes. The team that presents the best-tasting American comfort classics to two superstar guest judges will win an epic journey aboard the three-masted schooner \"The American Pride,\" while the losing team will be holding back tears as they chop and prepare more than 500 pounds of onions. Then, a special family-style dinner ..."
"An ocean adventure is up for grabs as the teams try to impress chef Gordon Ramsay during a cheese challenge. Later, emotions are elevated as the 14 remaining contestants work to avoid elimination and complete a star-studded dinner service."
"Following last week's dinner service, during which both teams struggled, the remaining 13 contestants compete in a special lunch service honoring two unique charitable organizations consisting of active and retired firefighters of Los Angeles. The first team to complete a speedy and successful lunch service for 60 hungry firemen will win an afternoon exploring the great outdoors of Malibu, CA, while the losing team will be left behind with a fowl punishment. Then, as dinner service begins, tensions emerge, causing Chef Ramsay to kick out multiple contestants in the ..."
"In this week's challenge, the teams square off for Chef Ramsay's first-ever Greek cuisine challenge. After an exciting race to smash plates to gather their ingredients, it is up to each contestant to create a delicious Greek-inspired dish. Each dish is then judged by Chef Ramsay and special guest Chef Michael Psilakis. The team that receives the highest cumulative score wins a high performance get-a-way at a go-kart racing track, while the losing team is stuck at Hell's Kitchen preparing for the evening's service. Then, after Chef Ramsay kicks out an entire team in ..."
"After a series of Greek tragedies in the kitchen last week, the remaining 11 contestants are back and have the opportunity to get creative with food's best pairings: beer, wine and liquor. Serving spirits will be one of television's most beloved barflies, John Ratzenberger (\"Cheers\"), and esteemed sommelier and HELL'S KITCHEN maitre d', Marino Monferrato. The team with the highest cumulative score will head to Los Angeles' famed roller rink, Moonlight Rollerway, and get a day of beer-tasting at a famous brewery, while the losing team will be ironing, folding and ..."
"In this week's team challenge, Chef Ramsay presents the remaining contestants with a series of exotic proteins, ranging from alligator to ostrich to wild boar. The chefs must prove their creativity in dishing up these exotic meats and pass the test of meat maestros and special guests Jon Shook and Vinnie Dotolo, chefs and owner of Los Angeles restaurant Animal. The team with the highest cumulative score wins a day of rest and relaxation, while the losing team will scrub down HELL'S KITCHEN. Back in the dorms, Chef Ramsay surprises the chefs with one-on-one evaluations..."
"After last week's one-on-one competition between two of the lowest ranking chefs, the Top Eight contestants are back for an spirited team challenge. The men and women must present three courses to the discerning palates of the Calabasas High School Homecoming committee, which has requested Mardi Gras-inspired cuisine. The team that serves up the tastiest Cajun fare will win a private pirate adventure away from the kitchen, while the losing team will prepare for the homecoming dinner under the direction of the committee. Find out which contestants past the test and ..."
"After last week's fiery high school homecoming challenge, the teams have undergone a surprising twist and will embark on one of HELL'S KITCHEN's most popular challenges - the blind taste test. The team that blindly and successfully identifies the most foods will win a shopping spree and day at Los Angeles restaurant and boutique Petrossian, specializing in caviar. Later, a special five-course dinner service will be presented to two major charitable organizations: actress Fran Drescher's \"Cancer Schmancer Movement\" and \"Step Up Women's Network.\" Find out which team ..."
"In a unique test designed by Chef Ramsay, the remaining seven contestants must sift through piles of keys to find which ones will open lockers holding various cuts of steaks and prepare a premiere dish - all under 35 minutes!"
"The contestants pair off in the \"Taste It and Make It\" challenge, during which they will attempt to replicate one of Chef Ramsay's recipes based on taste alone. The winning pair will visit one of America's premiere ocean liners, The Queen Mary. Find out which chefs will make it to the Top Six and who will be sent home."
"The Top Five chefs must prepare a unique and elegant small plate dish in less than 45 minutes for diners attending a private symphony performance in HELL'S KITCHEN. The chef with the most votes will win the first individual challenge and a private helicopter tour of Los Angeles, CA. Find out whose journey to become a head chef at Caesar's Atlantic City will end and who will round out the Top Four."
"Protein is off limits in the first-ever HELL'S KITCHEN vegetarian challenge. The chef who prepares the most stunning, mouth-watering vegetarian dish wins a trip to fabulous Newport Beach, CA, for a day of parasailing and a three-course dinner with a view at the Montage Laguna Beach. Later, the remaining chefs receive a surprising visit from friends and family, giving them a much needed boost for what will be the dinner service of their lives. Find our which chefs will make it to the Season 14 finale and whose journey will end."
"After a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit Season 10 winner Christina Wilson for some culinary motivation, the final two chefs return to Los Angeles where Chef Ramsay has set the stage for the final challenge. The top two will prepare five unique dishes to be judged by five of the most world renowned chefs. Then, in the most important dinner service of their lives, the top two will face off in epic battle for the final dinner service. Only one chef will be crowned the 14th winner of HELL'S KITCHEN and win a life-changing grand prize: a Head Chef Position at Caesars ..."
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