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Hell's Kitchen - Season 13 Episode 7

Teams are tasked to create dishes inspired by Italian operas, which the winners receive a shopping trip and a VIP dinner. Later, the teams prepare Italian food during the dinner service.

Episode: 7/16 eps

Duration: 42 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.1

Season 13 - Hell's Kitchen
"Season 13 begins with Gordon Ramsay dividing the 18 chefs into two teams of men vs women and challenging them to create their signature dishes. The victors' spoils include a chance to dine with Wolfgang Puck, while the losers have to set up the contestants' living quarters and the kitchen."
"The challenge entails re-creating Gordon Ramsay's geoduck sashimi, and the team that produces 15 perfect dishes get to lounge around on a yacht, but the losers are stuck making dinner for everyone."
"A unique team challenge involves the chefs completing recipes printed on the backs of their jackets. Later, the teams work together to create specialty dishes for VIP guests."
"The chefs prepare a brunch menu for culinary school graduates and their families, and the winning team earns a trip to San Francisco to meet chef Dominique Crenn. Later, both teams encounter problems during the dinner service."
"The chefs compete in a test that involves identifying proteins and matching them to dishes. The winning team spends a beach day in Santa Monica with Olympic athletes. Later, a team struggles with coordination."
"The teams are tasked to create unique protein and starch dishes. Later, they serve VIP guests at dinner service."
"Teams are tasked to create dishes inspired by Italian operas, which the winners receive a shopping trip and a VIP dinner. Later, the teams prepare Italian food during the dinner service."
"Both teams get new members before being challenged to prepare a tasting menu. The winners visit SeaWorld, while the losers groom the dogs ahead of the show. Later, the chefs prepare dishes for guests."
"The next challenge involves ingredients determined by roll of the dice. The winning team earns a trip to Las Vegas, while the losers unload the truck for dinner service. Later, a contestant deals with an injury."
"Following the departure of two contestants, the remaining chefs create Indian-inspired meals, with the winning team earning a day of pampering at a luxurious spa. Later, effective communication serves one group well."
"The chefs compete in a blind taste test, which wrong answers lead to a dip in a dunk tank, and the winning team gets to spend the day at the Santa Monica Pier. Later, a special dinner service honoring firefighters."
"The remaining seven chefs are challenged to make an artistic amuse-bouche inspired by speed painter Tim Decker; and later, the teams struggle with communication and getting their food out in time."
"After receiving their coveted black jackets, the remaining six contestants will compete in their first individual challenge, during which they must create a unique dish using Omaha steaks. Determined by Chef Ramsay and guest judges Omaha Steaks President and CEO, Bruce Simon, and SVP, Todd Simon, the winner of the challenge will be featured in a nationwide advertising campaign, as well as receive a gift certificate to culinary store Surfas and one other surprise."
"During the dinner service, the contestants will team up to face their toughest competition yet and one contestant will be kicked out of the kitchen for good. Then, the remaining contestants will prepare gourmet dishes for glampers. The contestant who receives the most votes from the glampers will win a luxury glamping trip for two. Find out who will stay and who will be eliminated."
"The four remaining chefs for the \"Taste It, Now Make It\" challenge. The winner gets to spend the afternoon with their loved ones, while the other contestants prepare for the 200th dinner service."
"In the Season 13 finale, the two remaining contestants must create five unique dishes, which will be judged by a group of esteemed Los Angeles chefs. Later, Gordon Ramsay chooses a winner."
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